November 07, 2013

Trad. Shepherd Mouthblown Smallpipes in D. I bought these a couple of years ago on a whim. Why try to emulate bagpipes on a guitar when I could just buy a set and play the real thing? Unfortunately, my first attempt playing sounded a lot like a flock of penguins choking to death (as it turns out, pipes aren’t generally shipped in tune. I put the pipes aside immediately, and for the next two years they lay unused in my office, always turning up underfoot, awkwardly splayed on top of Very Important Papers, or just generally being in the way.

I finally resolved that either I would learn how to tune the pipes, or it was off to eBay with them. After a little research, I managed and even learned a couple of tunes (sort of). Here’s one:

She Moved Thro` the Fair


The same tune dropped to A:

She Moved Thro` the Fair (Dropped)

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